Handpick Vintage Wholesale vs Blind Wholesale Buying

by Komail Noori on May 03, 2024

In the wholesale purchase of vintage items, two popular methods are mostly used by vintage resellers, one is handpicked vintage wholesale while the other is blind wholesale buying. Each method comes along with its advantages and drawbacks, and the vintage buyers need to understand the difference between the two to make an informed decision.

While I researched the two methods, what I mostly found is that a huge number of vintage wholesalers send out Grade C or even extremely worn-out materials that leave the buyers with no good experience. 

For such reasons, in this blog, I will be advocating and focusing more on the reasons why you should go for handpick vintage wholesale, how you can get Grade A or AB quality purchases, and some tips for a successful handpick wholesale experience.

Benefits Of Handpick Vintage Wholesale-Risks of Blind Wholesale Buying

While blind wholesale buying has an element of surprise as you are unaware of what’s coming in the package, it also has some fair share of risk. You have no or very limited control over the selection process which may lead to low-grade items being delivered that does not fulfill your expectations.

To avoid getting low-grade or destructive items, you must select handpick vintage wholesale for your bulk vintage wholesale purchases as it offers a myriad of benefits that I have listed below: 

  1. With handpick vintage wholesale you have full knowledge and control over the number of items you want to purchase in a package. Unlike blind wholesale buying, where you are unaware of the exact number of contents in the package.
  2. As you handpick from the wholesale vintage bulk, you can look carefully at each item individually for any flaw or damage before making your purchase, this eliminates the risk of receiving undesirable items.
  3. During your handpick vintage wholesale appointment, direct communication with the supplier builds trust and a lasting connection between you two. This opens doors of negotiation for better prices and exclusive access to some unique pieces.
  4. While handpick vintage wholesale allows you to select each item carefully, this is more of a sustainable approach. You can choose pieces that align well with the rules and regulations of ethical consumption.
  5. Handpick vintage wholesale offers you a chance to learn about some rare and unique pieces in the vintage collection, making it more of an educational experience for you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Handpick Vintage Wholesale

As buyers are merely aware of the handpicked vintage wholesale benefits, there are some common mistakes made by most of them. Being cautious is the key element to avoiding such mistakes. I have listed down how you can avoid indulging in such mistakes.

  1. Failure To Conduct Thorough Research: make sure to verify the reputation and credibility of the vintage wholesale supplier. Ensure they have a proven track record of providing authentic and quality vintage items.
  2. Focusing Only on Popular Brands: Don’t overlook lesser-known brands as they may contain some hidden and valuable pieces. Expand your search to various unfamiliar brands too.
  3. Buying In Excess: Don’t fall into buyer’s remorse. Only purchase those pieces that are in your budget and have a high likelihood of being sold. 
  4. Making Outdated  Purchases: Stay up to date with the seasonal vintage trends as certain vintage pieces are more desirable in some specific season thus influencing their sales.
  5. Not Inspecting Carefully: Thoroughly examine each piece. Look for signs of wear and tear such as holes, stains, or missing embroidery or buttons. Inspect the grading of the item. The resale value of a vintage piece is greatly influenced by its condition, so always invest in a well-preserved piece.

Pro Tips For Buyers to Have Successful Handpick Vintage Wholesale Experience

After reading several guides and watching almost every video on how to have the best and most successful handpick vintage wholesale experience, I have concluded some points of my valuable research here.

1. You must establish a niche market that targets a specific style or era in vintage items. By narrowing down your focus, you can become an expert in the chosen niche that may attract a dedicated customer base.

2. Expand your network by attending vintage events and engaging in online vintage forums and communities. This helps you building valuable connections in the vintage industry, thus may also assist in providing valuable insights and sometimes access to rare vintage pieces.

3. Categorizes the available items based on brands, era, grades, and condition. This may help the buyers locate what they need easily.

4. Invest in proper storage equipment such as racks and acid-free tissues. As the vintage pieces are old, proper storage is crucial for preserving and maintaining their quality.

    Final Guidelines-Key Takeaways

    As I conclude my blog, the information provided above is far more than enough for any vintage reseller to thrive in their niche market and become a successful vintage wholesaler. Make sure to adhere to the above provided guidelines and prioritize handpick vintage wholesale for your bulk  purchases from a reputable reseller. Remember,  Creed Vintage is always committed to provide you with high quality Grade A or AB vintage clothing pieces whether you choose to buy online  or book a handpick vintage appointment with us.