How Does Handpick Appointment Work at Creed Vintage?

Handpick Appointment at Creed Vintage allows you to handpick vintage wholesale, y2k clothing, and reworked clothing through a Zoom video call. Our hardworking team provide customers with the best handpicking selections from the variety of bulk wholesale items.

During your virtual appointment, you will be guided by our experienced support staff through the vintage handpick wholesale collection from the bulk so that your style can match your expectations.

What are the benefits of Handpick Appointment at Creed Vintage?

  • Enables you to handpick vintage wholesale clothing from the trendiest collection.
  • You can get the best opinions for the best fits according to your required style and body shapes.
  • Your time is saved as the experts handpick vintage clothing for you.

Is Handpick Appointment at CreedVintage Available for All?

Handpick Appointments at Creed Vintage are for those who want personal advice and attention while shopping. While anyone can opt for a handpick appointment at Creed Vintage, they are specially for the wholesalers.

Email Us Below To Book An Appointment:


Booking a handpicked appointment with CreedVintage is not that difficult. Simply visit the website and navigate to “Handpick” Section, where you will find a “Book Appointment” form. Our supportive staff will then contact you and schedule a zoom call.

Unfortunately, no physical store appointment offers are available for handpicking items. All the appointments are conducted virtually through Zoom video calls. This allows us to provide you with a personalized experience no matter where you are located.

Yes, there is a minimum spending requirement of $300 for handpick orders, in addition to shipping and taxes. This ensures that you have a variety of quality options to choose from and receive the best value for your handpicked selections.

During your Handpick Appointment, you'll connect with one of our knowledgeable support staff through a Zoom video call. They will guide you through our extensive collection of handpicked vintage and reworked clothing items. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, receive expert advice, and make informed decisions about your selections.

90's Vintage Navy and Army Jacket

$11.59 per piece

90's Vintage Navy and Army Jacket

$17.92 per piece

90's Y2K Baby Tees

$13.20 per piece

90s City Girl Leather Trench Coats

$19.99 per piece