Bulk Reworked Clothing & Wholesale

Reworked Leather Jacket With Colourful Patches

$23.36 per piece

Elegant Reworked Leather Bags

$20.80 per piece

Unisex Reworked Quilted Jacket And Pants

$23.44 per piece

Reworked Corduroy Jackets

$16.96 per piece

Reworked Denim Jackets With Colourful Patches

$16.96 per piece

Rework Decent Branded Sweatshirts

$16.16 per piece

Reworked Ladies Denim Jackets

$15.40 per piece

Reworked Men Poncho Shirts

$15.28 per piece

Reworked Casual Levi's Jeans

$16.56 per piece

Reworked Ladies Denim Pants With Inserted...

$15.76 per piece

Reworked Wrangler Jacket

$9.84 per piece

Reworked Leather Bags

$24.64 per piece

Reworked Clothing:

With our exquisite collection of "Reworked Clothing", you can take your fashion game to next level. By breathing life into pre-existing pieces, they are transformed into unique elements. Our curated collection of revamped clothing wholesale exemplifies meticulous crafting reflecting the glory of inventive cuts. They not only benefits your wardrobe but also contribute to a greener future. Whether it's the urban glare embodied in our reworked denim or the effortless merge of nostalgia and modernity as seen in the reworked skirts, creedvintage offers you an avenue for expressing personal style with these revamped clothes.


Q1. How does Wholesale Reworked Clothing differs from Traditional Wholesale Clothing?

Answer: With Wholesale Reworked Clothing, one of a kind garments with distinctive charm can be selected unlike the traditional Wholesale Clothing. Also, the Reworked Clothing Pieces adds a touch of individuality and sustainability to your wardrobe.

Q2. How does Creed Vintage's Reworked Clothing Wholesale work?

Answer: We allow wholesale purchase of creatively reworked clothing. You can choose from a wide selection of upcycled items to add a distinctive flair to your inventory.

Q3. How are the prices for Wholesale Reworked Clothing determined?

Answer: Considering some factors, such as the complexity of the reworked clothes, materials, and quantity of the order, we strive to offer a competitive price for our wholesale purchases.

Q4. How does your Wholesale Reworked Clothing contributes to environmental sustainability?

Answer: By reworking existing garments, we reduce the demand for new production and minimize clothing waste. Additionally, our materials are sourced responsibly, and our production process focuses on minimizing environmental impact. Choosing our wholesale reworked clothing promotes a circular economy and reduces the fashion industry's carbon footprint.