Wholesale Vintage Clothing: Where to Start and How to Find the Best Picks

by Komail Noori on November 06, 2023

Wholesale Vintage Clothing is Vintage Clothing sold in bulk quantity. A wide variety is offered in the wholesale package including the Vintage Pants, Skirts, Accessories, and others.

With a rapid growth in the market of Vintage Clothing driven by several factors including the increasing popularity of the sustainable fashion, the global market for the vintage clothing is expected to reach a value of $51 billion by the end of 2024. By tapping into the world of wholesale vintage clothing, entrepreneurs and businessman can save money with offering the customers competitive prices.

Where to find the Wholesale Vintage Clothing

Wholesale Vintage Clothing is a great way to add up unique pieces to your existing vintage wardrobe or for the startup of your Vintage Clothing Business. There are various places from where you can have Wholesale Vintage Clothing at reasonable prices. Some of them are discussed below:

Online Marketplaces

There are several online marketplaces for wholesale vintage clothing and among them includes eBay, Etsy, and the Facebook Marketplace. Online Marketplaces serves as a great place to find the local Vintage Clothing Wholesalers. Some best deals can also be found out by filtering out the search to a specific location or category.

Online Marketplaces

Vintage Clothing Wholesalers

Several popular Vintage Clothing Wholesalers that can be selected for bulk vintage purchases can be contacted. Among the popular names includes the, Creedvintage.com – A wholesale Vintage Clothing supplier offering a wide variety of high-quality Vintage Clothing. From the Vintage Blouses to the Vintage Skirts, Vintage Pants, and the Vintage Accessories, they got them all.

Vintage Clothing Wholesalers

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Brick and mortar stores for vintage clothing offers huge discounts for wholesale purchases. They serve as a good option for bulk Vintage purchases as on the spot quality and quantity can be checked out.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

How to find the Best Wholesale Vintage Clothing Picks

A successful Vintage Clothing Business can be built on finding the best pick for Wholesale Vintage Clothing. Some tips are described below that can help you find the best, high-quality and unique pieces.


Thorough research must be done to find the best Wholesale Vintage Clothing Picks. This includes the understanding of different types of Vintage Clothing. The current vintage fashion trends and the individual specific needs.

Additionally, Vintage fashion blogs and magazines can be read out along with attending the Vintage Clothing shows and markets to have a good understanding.

Keep in mind your target

While making purchases for the Wholesale Vintage Clothing, the target market must be kept in mind. The age and gender of the targeted customers along with your budget may help you in selecting the best picks. For example, if the target audience is young, then Vintage Clothing from the 1900s and 2000s must be selected. But if the target audience is older, the Vintage Clothing from the 1960s and the 1970s must be selected.

Careful Inspection

Before making a purchase for bulk Vintage Clothing, careful inspection must be done. Any signs of damage, staining, wear, and tear must not be ignored. In addition, the size and fit must also be checked. The return policy for the seller should be read as it may be helpful to return the items if they are not up to the standards.

Be selective

While shopping for the Wholesale Vintage Clothing, not everything that you see must be bought. Instead, selective choices for the high-quality and unique pieces must be focused upon. Avoid making out of fashion or trend purchases as customers will not like them.


Bulk purchases for Vintage Clothing comes with the added benefit of negotiating the prices. Asking for discounts should never be considered wrong. Also, items that are slightly damaged or worn out should be bought for a lower price than the original.

As has been said

There are many benefits that comes up with the purchase of Vintage Clothing including the lower prices and the wide variety. As the rapid growth in the market of Vintage Clothing, it is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs and the businessman to make profitable gains.

Additionally, with dedication and the right strategies, the passion for the Vintage Clothing Wholesale business can flourish offering the best picks. Staying up to date with the fashion trends and the continuous education about the history and value of different eras is important as it will help you in setting yourself apart from others.