The 5 Best Upcycled Clothing Brands In 2024

by Komail Noori on April 02, 2024

In recent years, sustainability has gained an important status in the fashion industry. Today, upcycled clothing brands are becoming more visible to people who are looking for innovative approaches to decrease textile industry wastage and its effect on the environment.

In the following article, the 5 best-upcycled clothing brands of 2024 and some upcycling perspectives are discussed that may help you gain the necessary knowledge in this aspect.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the process by which people repurpose things that would ended up in landfills otherwise, thus giving them a renewed life. This not only helps in recycling a large proportion of waste but also drives a shift towards a more circular economy.

Creativity and innovation are among the main features of upcycling. People recognize the potential of things that others might toss away and thus appreciate their beauty and usability that some may consider trash. Upcycling brings forth the personal style and individuality that comes about as a result of individuals utilizing materials to create one-of-a-kind self-designed pieces that speak the story of transformation and sustainability.

Reworking vs Upcycling vs Recycling – How Do They Differ?

As for upcycling which is about creating something new and better from the waste, it differs from the rest. Reworking implies changing or giving a new appearance to outdated or worn-out clothing. It means that you can do things like sewing a new hem or embellishing a plain t-shirt, as well as dye a piece of clothing to give it a new color.

Recycling implies the breaking up of goods to reuse. This method generally comprises the activities of gathering, selecting, cleaning, and changing the used materials into new items. Recycling materials such as plastic, glass, and paper among others can considerably ease the strain on natural resources and at the same time lessen the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Upcycling is the opposite of downcycling which in this case means that the materials are reused without destroying their original value. Unlike other processes, which only use new or original resources, this process utilizes the items that are old or no longer in use and makes them useful again or turns them into something of environmental value. Likewise, the act of upcycling may involve the palleting of wooden pallets into trendy pieces of furniture or jars turning them into decorative lanterns. The principal advantage of upcycling is that it helps to recreate items previously bound for rejection.

The 5 Best Repurposed Clothing Brands In 2024

1. The North Face (TNF)

The North Face, famous for its eco-commitment, has adopted the upcycling process into its manufacturing. With Renewal Workshop, TNF salvages damaged or returned garments repairs them, and then sends them back to be worn again. The bond provides not only a waste reduction but also a chance for the customers to have one-of-a-kind and quality branded upcycled clothes.

Also, TNF has shown a willingness for eco-friendly production by implementing advanced technologies. TNF has achieved a reduction in environmental impact through the integration of renewable energy sources and the optimization of transport procedures whilst retaining the quality and performance of the product.

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2. Levi’s

Levi’s, a household name in the fashion industry, is a brand that had its origin in the 19th century when it was founded by Levi Strauss. It is now indispensable in its denim product category prompting its leading position largely through its iconic blue jeans which are still considered classic.

Following its sustainability slogan, Levi’s added its Secondhand program to offer not only pre-owned clothes but also repair services for worn-out items. This initiative not only extends the lifespan of their products but also promotes a circular economy model. Moreover, the brand collaborates with different NGOs and environmental institutions to accomplish missions that are geared towards the protection of the planet and ethics in the fashion supply chain.

The "Cottonized Hemp" clothing collection by Levi's is evidence of the brand's commitment to the use of sustainable materials. These materials are both environmentally friendly and durable. Levi's achieves this by taking fibers from hemp leftover after production and blending it with cotton to create a collection of products that not only look good but also reduce the environmental impact caused by cotton farming. Such innovative approach Levi’s presents its long-term commitment to exploring boundaries of sustainable fashion and establishing a new direction in the industry.

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3. Patagonia

Patagonia, the famed brand of eco-conscious outdoor apparel has paved its way in the upcycling apparel initiative with the inception of the “Worn Wear” program. In traditional upcycling conception, materials are transformed into new products through distinct and independent processes but this doesn’t just complement the materials upcycled, it is a total approach that fosters repair, reuse, and responsible consumption.

Worn Wear offers a dedicated platform for customers to buy and sell used Patagonia gear. This extends the lifespan of valuable clothing and reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing new items.

However, Patagonia doesn't stop at facilitating pre-owned clothing. They also utilize post-consumer waste and worn-out Patagonia gear to create new garments within the Worn Wear collection. This might involve transforming a well-loved fleece jacket into a cozy hat or using scraps of fabric to craft unique accessories.

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4. Banana Republic

Exuding a modern safari vibe in its collection Banana Republic has been adding upcycled clothing to its collection recently, but in a way that's more subtle and stylish than just patching things together. Instead of a whole separate line, they take old clothes, like military jackets or bandanas, and turn them into new, trendy pieces. This lets them offer sustainable fashion without it looking out of place. It shows that clothes made from recycled materials can be just as nice as anything else in your closet.

Moreover, Banana Republic's upcycled clothes have a history behind them. They take vintage items and give them a new life, making each piece unique. This adds a touch of character and makes their clothes more appealing to people who want to be eco-friendly without sacrificing style.

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5. True Religion

The fashion industry is getting more eco-friendly as some brands are going the extra mile by repurposing waste into good-quality clothes. True Religion is one of those brands founded in 2002, well known for nice denim collections but nowadays more for upcycled clothing.

Their Upcycled Collection features forgotten military clothes or leftover fabrics made into stylish reworked clothing. In this way, waste is reduced and each piece is given a bit of history and style. This collection has all types of clothing including revamped denim jackets and military shirts with a twist. The brand isn’t afraid to be bold in using unexpected patterns, colors, and distressing techniques. 

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The upcycled clothing industry is at the edge of sustainable fashion with these five zero-waste brands creating styles that are novel and unique. From The North Face, Levi’s, Patagonia, and Banana Republic to True Religion, the world is taught that upcycled fashion can be stylish, of high quality, and eco-friendly.