The 5 Best Sustainable Fashion Designers Brands In 2024

by Komail Noori on February 19, 2024

The importance of sustainability is more than ever at this crucial time for the fashion industry. People are becoming more conscious of their fashion choices and more concerned with the environment. By emphasizing waste reduction, equitable labor standards, and carbon emission reduction, sustainable fashion is thought to be a major answer to the ethical and environmental problems faced by industry.

Innovative production techniques, ethical sourcing, and environmentally friendly materials are employed by sustainable fashion designer brands to lead this movement. Fashion can be ethical and trendy at the same time, as demonstrated by these firms.

What Is Sustainable Fashion Design?

Sustainable fashion design refers to the making of clothes or accessories in a way that doesn’t harm the environment and living being. It involves the use of materials that are good for the environment and fair labor practices along with reduction of as much as possible waste.

Instead of emphasizing on following the latest trends, sustainable fashion design focuses on making pieces that are good quality and last long.

With being careful about the planet and treating labor fairly while still looking good, it is all about how fashion works!

What Is Sustainable Fashion Design

How To Be a Sustainable Fashion Designer?

To become a sustainable fashion designer, some important steps must be followed:

  1. Learn about eco-friendly materials and their methods of production. By using organic cotton and recycled materials, the impact on the environment can be reduced.
  2. Try sourcing ethically. Work with suppliers and manufacturers that treat their workers prioritizing ethical practices. Stay transparent where the materials come from, this will help make your products with care.
  3. Focus on production of high quality and build to last clothes that never goes out of style. This will encourage people to buy less but of good quality to reduce waste.
  4. Practice networking with other sustainable fashion designers so that you may remain informed about new ideas. This will help you improve and make a positive impact.

Best Fashion Designers That Are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

1. Patagonia

Patagonia is renowned for its ethical business practices and concern for the environment. It was initiated by Yvon Chouinard in 1973. Since then, being responsible has become a major aspect of their business. They use user friendly products and make them in less damaging ways to lessen their influence on the environment. They utilize, for instance, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and specially made insulation that is traceable to its source.

To ensure that they are operating fairly and sustainably, they also possess unique certificates. Due to their commitment, Patagonia has received numerous awards for its eco-friendliness. Patagonia is well-liked by everyone because they produce high-quality clothing and are transparent about their environmental efforts.


2. Burberry

Burberry is a British brand that is well known for being environmentally friendly. They use less energy and offsets their carbon emission through numerous ways. They try to make less impact on the environment by efficient production that reduces the atmospheric carbon.

Their campaigns “ReBurberry Edit” and Burberry Regeneration” encourages recycling along with their special collections that focuses sustainability. Owing to their efforts, they have received an award “Finance of the Future Sustainability”.


3. Adidas

Adidas approach to sustainability is something big. With being one of the most recognizable sportswear brand since 1949, they are working hard to be even more environmentally friendly. They use special techniques like waterless dyeing and 3D printing so that resources may be saved, and less waste is produced.

Some cool campaigns on sustainability has also been launched by them including “FutureCraft Loop Project” – that are running shoes but fully recyclable. They teamed up with PARLEY even to talk about sustainable fashion and how important it is.


4. Levi’s

Famous for their denim’s, Levi’s dates to 1853 when they first make their appearance. They are making strong efforts to make their production eco-friendlier. In recent years, they started recycling old denim and discovered ways to use less water during production processes.

They run several campaigns to raise awareness on sustainability such as the “Water<Less” that means making jeans without using or using very minimum water. They have a specialized collection called the Cottonized Hemp and Sustainable Denim that reflects their true commitment to find new and sustainable pieces. Recognized by groups like “Sustainable Apparel Coalition and UN for their sustainability, they continue making more efforts.


5. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is both about sustainability and style. Various campaigns are run by them that promotes sustainability. Their initiative “Tommy for Good” is based on sustainable production and “Make it Possible” encourages people to make ecofriendly choices so that the environmental impact can be reduced.

Because of their great contribution in sustainability, they have received numerous awards like Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Their sustainable collections are loved and appreciated by many. More and more people are talking about their ecofriendly clothing that helps make environmentally friendly choices.

Tommy Hilfiger


It's evident that there has been a significant shift in the way fashion is perceived. As we wrap up our discussion of the top five sustainable fashion designer brands of 2024, it is not only the responsibility of the designers and brands to be conscious about sustainability but when it comes to us and our purchasing decisions, we as consumers have a lot of influence. I therefore urge every reader to consider sustainability while making clothing purchases and to support environmentally conscious companies. We can all lessen the fashion industry's negative effects on the environment, promote worker justice, and build a brighter future for all by making the choice to wear sustainable clothing.