Understanding the Process

Creed Vintage is a reliable platform that enables retailers and resellers to obtain inventory from our large vintage & reworked wholesale warehouse. Buyers can explore and find second-hand and vintage items from all around the world, making secure purchases.

So, what's the process?

Store owners / customers have three primary purchasing methods:

  • Buying directly from bundles posted on the website on daily basis.
  • Engaging in video calls with us through Handpick Appointments.
  • Contacting the Creed Vintage specialized team through our support page

What is live video shopping?

Enjoy a complimentary, personalized shopping experience with wholesale warehouse containing products from around the globe through Zoom live video shopping! Engage in a one-on-one video call with our expert, who will showcase categories that interest you. Handpick each item for your bundle and have a "thrifting from home" experience!

Intrigued? It truly is!

Book your live video shopping experience in two ways:

  • Allow the Creed Vintage team to assist you - share your requirements and budget with us, and we'll connect you with the most suitable export!
  • Visit the handpick appointment page and book directly from the website.

Advantages with Creed Vintage?

  • Worldwide shipping for all orders
  • Full buyer satisfaction
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Variety of products
  • Make to order option for more personalized item requirements.
  • Buy Now Pay Later service (for special cases). Pay 25% upfront and settle the bill up to 30 days after delivery (No extra fees!)

Creed BNPL (Net 30): - Terms & Condition apply

With Creed BNPL, you can buy now and pay 30 days after delivery at no extra cost. Seize that perfect bundle whenever it becomes available! Creed BNPL allows you to purchase bundles with no upfront expenses, sell them in your store or online, and reimburse us 30 days later without additional fees. Too good to be true? We understand the challenges of running a business - we're doing it ourselves. We're committed to providing you with the tools necessary for your business's success! Discover more about Creed BNPL.


Creed Vintage is dedicated to delivering your items as quickly as possible. Generally, shipments take 5-15 working days, but delivery times may vary depending on the customer's locations. Learn more about common shipping routes and their timelines through our shipping policy page.


Monitor your order status at any time using our parcel tracker. Creed Vintage will provide a tracking number.