What Is Green Dry Cleaning - How Does It Works?

by Komail Noori on February 06, 2024

Dry cleaning has been a go to strategy for taking care of clothes especially for the ones who can’t handle the stress of regular washing. It utilizes special solvents to carefully clean and preserve the delicate fabrics. But the regular dry cleaning method has various concerns circulating around owing to the usage of harmful chemicals like perchloroethylene or perc.

Keeping in mind all this, GREEN DRY CLEANING comes as a sustainable option providing a new way of doing things transitioning from harmful to ecofriendly practices.

As more efforts are made towards sustainable living, it is crucial for businesses to adopt greener practices not because it is a trend but a necessity to reduce the harmful impact making the earth cleaner and healthier.

What is Green Dry Cleaning?

In comparison to regular dry cleaning, green dry cleaning refers to a modern and eco friendly version of dry cleaning. In this, instead of using the regular methods that poses harm to the environment, eco friendly methods and eco friendly solvents are used that naturally breaks down to clean clothes thus reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Organic Dry Cleaning vs Regular Dry Cleaning

 Is Dry Cleaning Ecofriendly?

Besides keeping clothes in good shape and condition, regular dry cleaning has many drawbacks both for an individual health and the environment. Strong chemicals like perc (perchloroethylene) that is good for removing stains, is mainly used in traditional dry cleaning methods, causes a huge harm to the environment and its people.

Perchloroethylene, abbreviated as Perc is a chemical that releases harmful gases in the air during the process of dry cleaning thus contributing to air pollution and potential harm to aquatic life too. Also, it poses a risk to the workers and customers both leading to reevaluation of the dry cleaning practices.

It’s negative impact is not just limited to the dry cleaning location but also it seeps deep down in the soil leading to the possible contamination of groundwater causing long term concerns about eco systems and human health.Top of Form

How Does Green Dry Cleaning Works?

Green dry cleaning involves the use of different methods to care for the clothes keeping in mind the wellness of the environment too. It’s a more eco conscious approach that differs from the regular dry cleaning methods.

Methods of Green Dry Cleaning

There are mainly two methods in green dry cleaning that are considered safe and advantageous both for humans and the environment.

1. Wet Cleaning

A water based cleaning technique that utilizes gentle biodegradable detergents and specialized equipment in place of perc to clean clothes. It’s a great technique for gentle fabrics having stains. The process carefully balances water, detergents, and mechanical actions to clean well without harsh actions and chemicals.

Wet Cleaning

2. Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning

Another advanced eco friendly cleaning method is the utilization of liquid carbon dioxide. Here CO2 is undergoing high pressure, that converts it into liquid thus acting as a powerful cleaning solution instead of perc. The closed loop system efficiently recycles the CO2 that reduces the waste and promotes sustainability. This method is not only ecofriendly on clothes but also avoids the use of harsh chemicals.

Both wet and Liquid CO2 cleaning are ecofriendly alternatives to the regular dry cleaning methos and shows the industry’s commitment of reducing the environmental impact of chemicals used for dry cleaning.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning

Benefits of Green Dry Cleaning

Many benefits are provided through organic dry cleaning that goes beyond making clothes look good.

1. Reduced air and water pollution

Choosing green dry cleaning helps reduces both as instead of harmful chemical like Perc, ecofriendly alternatives are chosen like liquid carbon dioxide and silicone solvents.

Reduced air and water pollution

2. Reduced carbon footprint 

This is another advantage as utilizing a closed loop system in the process of liquid CO2 ensures efficient recycling along with energy and waste reduction. This aligns with the global efforts to fight climate change.

Reduced carbon footprint

3. Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals

It eliminates the need for exposure to harmful chemicals both for the workers and consumers. Regular dry cleaning methods utilizes toxic solvents that are harmful so switching to more eco friendly alternatives provides a safe working environment thus reducing the health concerns.

Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals

4. Improved air quality

As no toxic solvents are used, there are no harmful fumes emitted. This improves the quality of the air, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Improved air quality

5. Preserving the quality and longevity of clothes

Using gentle cleaning methods and detergents, fabrics are treated with care that lessens the damage. This allows clothes to last longer, promoting a more sustainable approach for their care.

Preserving the quality and longevity of clothes

How To Do Green Dry Cleaning at Home?

Practicing green dry cleaning at home requires careful consideration and focus on ecofriendly alternatives to reduce the environmental impact.

  1. Identify fabrics that can be washed with water using water as a solvent along is the key part in green practices. For the fabrics that don’t like water, try spot cleaning them with a mixture of mild detergent and water.
  2. Natural options like vinegar or baking soda can be used instead of the traditional dry cleaning solvents to remove odors and stains. Baking soda absorbs odors and freshen up the clothes.
  3. Utilizing a high efficiency washer and dryer reduces the energy used. Also, air dry the clothes as this keeps the fabric in good condition.

To conclude…

With being a symbol of sustainability in garment care, green dry cleaning is a thoughtful decision to choose as it aligns well with the global move towards sustainable living. It's not just a trend but a responsible lifestyle choice in a world where every decision impacts the future.