How To Tell If the Levi's Are Vintage: Fake Levis vs Real

by Komail Noori on November 03, 2023

The Vintage Levi’s are known for their high quality, durability, and classic style. This makes them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Owing to the popularity of the Vintage Levi’s, there is a considerable increase in its counterfeits. Made with cheap materials and poor crafting, they are also labelled and printed with the incorrect Levi’s logo. Purchasing counterfeits is not only harmful to your pocket but also to your health as sensitive skin may encounter several issues with harmful chemicals or toxins. They can also easily fall apart as constructed poorly.

Before buying a pair, it is important to distinguish between fake Levis vs real. Some tips should be followed to check the authenticity by yourself, or you can also check the authenticity by taking them to a reputable Vintage Clothing Store or a Levi’s retailer for verification.

How to Identify Vintage Levi’s – Verifying the Authenticity

Before considering buying a pair of Vintage Levi’s, a few key factors must be looked upon to ensure you get a genuine pair.

1. The Red Tab

The red tab is a branding label trademarked by Levi’s. With being one of the most iconic features of the brand, it is the most counterfeited feature. All the Levi’s made before 1971 have a red tab with the word "LEVI'S" written in all capital letters with a stylized "E." This is known as the "Big E" tab. After 1971, Levi's switched to a smaller, more stylized "e" on its red tabs.

The Red Tab

2. Single Seam Stitching

The Vintage Levi’s made before the mid-1970s has a distinctive feature of single stitched arcs on the back. The authenticity of the arcs can be verified by the:

  • Correct, even and precise stitching.
  • The arcs should be stitched in a single row.
  • It should be of the correct size and shape.
Single Seam Stitching

    3. Care Labels

    The authentic vintage Levi’s typically consist of a care label inside it. The label will be listed with the model number as well as the manufacturer’s country. The label should be printed clearly and must be legible. It consists of the model number of the vintage Levi’s purchased.

    Care Labels

    4. Selvedge Denim

    All the Levi’s made before the year 1970 were crafted with selvedge denim. This type has a finished edge that prevents fraying. It must be even and straight with a clear visibility on the inside seam.

    Selvedge Denim

    How to tell if Levis are fake – Spot the Fake Vintage

    Spotting the fake vintage Levi’s requires you to look for some common signs such as:

    Logo Discrepancies

    The obvious sign of fake Vintage Levi’s is the discrepancy in the logo. Blurry, faded, or distorted logo is a good indication that the Vintage Levis is fake. The Levi’s logo should be clear, well-defined, and consistent with the brand’s current and historical logo. The use of wrong font is another logo discrepancy most encountered in the fake Vintage Levis. Variety of fonts over the years has been used by Levi’s and if it doesn’t match with the known Levi’s font, it is likely a fake Vintage.

    Poor Stitching and Construction

    The stitching and construction of the Levi’s is another good way to spot the fake Levi’s. High quality stitching is what the Levi’s is known for. Loose threads, uneven stitching, and unfinished seams should be looked for.

    Quality of the Fabric

    Fake vintage Levis are made up of cheap and flimsy denim and this difference is most important for the recognition of the fake vs real vintage levis. The real vintage levis is sturdy and substantial.

    Incorrect Labelling

    Incorrect labelling is another common sign of the Fake Levi’s. A variety of different labels are used by Levi’s. They should all be consistent with the brand’s current and historical labels. If the labels on the vintage Levi’s doesn’t match any of the known labels, it is a good indication that the Vintage Levis is fake.


    Several key factors are described in this blogpost that must be considered when determining whether the vintage levis is fake or real. This include the material used in the construction and certain design elements. High quality sturdy materials are used in the construction of real vintage levis. Fake Vintage are made from inferior quality materials. Also, the stitching and the construction matters too. Certain design elements are unique to the Levi’s brand and must be kept in mind while differentiating the fake levis vs real. Authentic Vintage Levi’s comes up in signs of wear and tear but must be in overall good condition.

    It is important to do your research to ensure that the Vintage Levi’s you are buying is authentic. Additionally, authorized retailers like can be a go to destination to purchase an authentic piece.