Best Vintage Swimsuits for Retro Beach Look

by Komail Noori on December 22, 2023

As the sun lighten up the horizon, casting golden glow across the ocean's crest, the charm of the beach anew. But this summer, don't simply pack your everyday bikini and start you journey. Rather clinch up the Vintage Swimsuits that are far more than mere garments. Each stitch in them whispers laughter, liberation and elegance that is the key to unlocking a retro beach look that is as unique as you are.

A Look Back at the Vintage Swimwear Timeline

For the lovers of retro, the charm of Vintage Swimwear is not just nostalgia, but a reflection of the era’s of past each with their own distinct characteristic. Let us now dive deep into the three iconic decades and appreciate the features that defines them.

  • 1950s Swimsuit

Pin up glamor with a high waisted one piece hugging the curves like a sculpted wave – that the 1950s swimsuit defined in a nutshell. The sweetheart necklines and the playful polka dots with the bold colors highlights the feminine hourglass shape so well that makes every eyes turn. The shirring and the ruching flatters out the contours while the skirted bottoms adds a playful whimsy touch.

1950s Swimsuit

  • 1960s Swimsuit

The tides changes and the modest swimsuits of the 1950s went out with the spirit of liberation and self-expression coming in. The one piece were considered too old fashioned now. Bikini – a symbol of boldness and freedom entered the race now. Vibrant colors like the tangerine and the turquoise that reflects optimism were the talk of the town with the geometric prints and the bold prints adding an edge to the overall look. It was suited most for the sun-kissed beach volleyball marathons and the poolside flirtations.

1960s Swimsuit

  • 1970s Swimsuits

The era’s swimsuits were characterized by the bohemian and the athletic influence. More emphasis was placed on the fabric. Natural fabrics like the cotton and the linen replaced the synthetic blends with the ethnic and earthy tones taking the center stage. It was most preferable for the sun-soaked yoga sessions and the barefoot walk on the shore.

1970s Swimsuits

Must Have Vintage Swimsuits for a Retro Look

Conveying a retro beach look isn’t just about wearing a vintage swimsuit but also about capturing the era’s essence with attitude and confidence. While certain cuts and patterns defines a distinct decade, creating a retro beach look requires you to layer yourself in the modern pieces. Gear yourself up for a dive into the must have vintage swimsuits that will take you to the seaside paradise.

1. Sporty One Piece

High waisted one piece is a symbol of elegance and class. Black, white and navy color with polka dots is a perfect choice for poolside fun and sun-drenched picnics.

Sporty One Piece

2. High Waisted Bikini

Bikini’s reflect the liberating spirit of the 1960’s era. Picture the vibrant orange, turquoise, and the green color halter styles bandeaus, or the crop tops. Don’t shy away from bold details like ruffles and the trim.

High Waisted Bikini

3. The Triangle Top

It gives both coverage and confidence. Earthy tones and the batik inspired prints with the floral patterns on the natural fabrics like cotton or liner makes your inner siren shine. Adding up a bandana around the head adds a vintage flair too.

The Triangle Top

Best Vintage Swimwear Brands

Exploring the sea of swimsuits is not easy but if you know what brands to look for, achieving the perfect retro look will become effortless. So, grab your towel and sunscreen as we are going to dive deep into the sea of the best vintage swimwear brands for your next beach adventure.

1. Esther Williams

It brings back the iconic one pieces of the 1950 back to life featuring the high waisted cuts, sweetheart necklines, and the playful polka dots.

Esther Williams

2. Rockabilly Swimwear

It specializes in the playful, rock and roll infused styles of the 1940s and the 1950s. Their gingham prints, sailor stripes and the flirty ruffled hems on the bikinis and the one piece are the talk of the town.

Rockabilly Swimwear

3. Red Dolly

It combines modesty with vintage charm. Best for the ones looking out for something that flatters without revealing too much. In their collection, high waisted two pieces, one piece skirts and the swim dresses, all gives full body coverage.

Red Dolly

4. Seafolly

This Australian brand is the champion in offering relaxed silhouettes in natural fabrics like the cotton and the linen. The earthy tones alongside the vibrant pop of color blends the vintage inspiration with the modern functionality.


5. We Are Handsome

For those looking out for something bold and modern, this brand is the answer! Unexpected details like the cutouts, bold color blocks and the graphic prints are carefully reimagining in their swimwear essentials like high-waisted bikinis and the one-pieces.

We Are Handsome

To Conclude

As the sunrays dip below the horizon and cast long shadows across the sandy shore, the echoes of laughter and joy spread, giving a tribute to the day well spent while holding up the charm of Vintage Swimwear. Through the seams of vintage swimsuits, each era whispers its own story. But no matter what the decade is, Vintage Swimsuits always offer a canvas for you unique artistry.

So, play with prints, experiment with silhouettes, and let your personality dance across the fabric. Vintage swimwear isn't about replicating the past, but about reimagining it, making it your own, and expressing your story through its never ending charm.